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PHP / Linux Wars Episode 1: The Hosting Menace November 14, 2006

Posted by dylanhudson in technology.

PHP: It stands for Pain-in-the-ass Hypertext Preprocessor. I went through 6 different hosts yesterday, and my simple ‘hello world’ test script wouldn’t work on ANY of them. It should not be that hard!

Coding is easy, but getting it hosted is impossible. I’m going to try setting up my own webserver using the Apache that comes integrated into Mac OS X, and then installing PHP.


PHP is installed, but that didn’t seem to do anything. Webserver time.

Linux: I figured I’d partition one of the macs, and install Ubuntu. Well, you have to re-initialize the drive to partition a mac, which would mean erasing all the data. So, I’ll just have to install it on the dusty old Asus (Ace-us, not Ass-us), which is already partitioned! No clue why, but it saves me the work. I should probably find out which one has Windows on it…



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