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Driving, and the Joy Involved September 24, 2006

Posted by dylanhudson in classics.

driving, and the joy involved.

I am now the proud holder of a New Zealand Driver License (learner permit), which was harder to get than the US one, because you have to remember to think ass-backward. When you drive on the left side of the road, you have to reverse or mutate everything, like right turns become wrong turns, and your speed is not actually your speed, its a much higher one (Kilometers per Hectare or something). Lanes often merge without any indication, except the lack of road in front of your car. Also, due to the asphalt (pronounced ASH-felt. not kidding.) shortage, they make most roads wide enough for one car. This creates congestion, as you may imagine, so they also allow passing on any road, any time. Most people’s favorite places to pass are on uphill switchbacks.
Luckily, the only major inconvence of being a learner driver is that you must post large yellow and black L’s in your rear window and winshield. This is to let other drivers know that they must tailgate you as close as possible.
In 6 months, I can get a restricted license, and be allowed to drive alone.



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